Advances of membership

The advantages of membership at a glance:

  • Contract review and legal advice by experienced industry lawyer Steffen Schmidt-Hug (free of 
charge within the usual scope for members, at a reduced rate for more complex cases)
  • Premium membership with Crew United at a discounted price of €55 annually (instead of the 
regular €99.90)
  • Internal association RingCentral group for profession-related inquiries and immediate exchanges 
via smartphone/iPad (e.g., for immediate issues on set)
  • Job board
  • Regular workshops (contract law, VFX, Lockit, Edit, Fuzzlecheck, International filming, etc.) are 
provided free of charge for members
  • Members receive ongoing updates on tariff developments, related professional associations, and 
industry-relevant information. We have professional representatives within ver.di and VRFF, 
enabling us to directly voice our profession-specific concerns there.
  • Acceptance into our association involves a thorough examination of the curriculum vitae and 
 professional experience. Thus, membership serves as a clear quality seal for outsiders (similarly to 
the differentiation between Script Continuity and Script Supervisor). It enhances job prospects for 
members individually and contributes to elevating the quality of our professional standards in the 
long run.
  • Members can reference our own fee table and preparation time recommendations, which provide 
more realistic and appropriate values compared to the standard union agreement.
  • Our professional profiles define precisely and authoritatively what our professional duties entail 
 and what they don’t. This serves as strong support during negotiations with production.
  • The stronger we can unify our community and promote effective communication within our membership, then the more robustly we can assert our needs and demands for improved working conditions, as well as be less prone to find ourselves played against each other individually.
  • Trainee pool for newcomers in the field (future plans to develop apprenticeship-like programs)
  • Membership fees for professional associations are tax-deductible.