In an industry that is constantly evolving, adapts to the latest technology and requires maximum flexibility, the profession of Script Continuity / Script Supervisor has always been subject to change.

We dedicate ourselves to providing detailed clarification about the diverse tasks within our profession, with particular attention to the distinctions between the functions of Script Continuity and Script Supervisors. Many filmmakers themselves are unclear about the specific responsibilities of Script Continuity, let alone those of the Script Supervisor. Through effective clarification of these two positions, we aim to ensure that the specific qualifications required by the assumption of any number of particular responsibilities, along with the value of accrued years of experience, are duly recognized.

We foster new talent and support the development of qualified colleagues.

Those who belong to our association necessarily meet the criteria that ensure a high standard of quality required by the demands of their profession.

Our mission is to make up for what has been neglected for a long time in our industry by providing fee recommendations that reliably correspond to our responsibilities and work on set. There is a particular need for adaptation, especially for Script Supervisors, as there have been significant changes in recent years, particularly with the increasing variety of requirements for international productions and streaming services.

Above all, the BVSS provides our colleagues with a place of solidarity where they can network, exchange ideas, find support for their professional concerns, share advice and receive assistance.